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Glass Candles

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GLASS CANDLES, OIL CANDLES is a collection of coloured glass candles filled with oil. The glass oil candle is a reinterpretation of the traditional crown candle and is therefore shaped like a standard crown candle; however, the glass candle avoids the use of stearin and candle wax. The glass candle creates warmth and cosiness in the room and can be used in ordinary candle holders, in decorations or in wreaths, for example in an Advent wreath. The glass candles look great in the evening in the window or at the breakfast table. The candle can be used in a regular candle holder, but will also look great as part of a decoration. Due to its sleek and simple design, it also looks great on a shelf or windowsill.

The design is clean and minimalistic and the glass adds an aesthetic and elegant look to the interior. The elongated, slim and streamlined shape of the glass creates a majestic eye-catcher and makes the glass candle eternally beautiful, even when it is not lit. The glass candle produces a delicate and cosy flame that brightens the room and creates life and warmth. The glass candle is mouth-blown and made of coloured borosilicate glass, which is resistant to large temperature fluctuations, which means that the glass will not crack when the candle is lit. The oil candle is easily and quickly filled with oil using the included wicks, glass tube and funnel. GLASS CANDLES, OIL CANDLES come in a set of two and are designed by Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen.