We strive to actively be responsible and wish the users of our products to have a positive influence on taking care of our Earth and to create more green life. Therefore, it is possible to donate a tree when you purchase one of our products. If you choose to plant a tree during a purchase, we will plant double the amount of trees. If you buy one tree, we buy two; if you buy two, we buy four.

We are collaborating with Forest Nation, which is a socially responsible organisation that wishes to create a more sustainable world by planting new trees. Forest Nation has already planted more than 1 million trees around the world, and this, we want to support to create a more sustainable world for future generations.


The users of our products should feel safe and secure in their choice of being part of our universe. Therefore, we wish for full transparency of our brand, our production and us.

We take pride in selecting the best artisans and factories in the industry so we can produce our products of the highest standards. Our factories in Asia are leading in exquisite handicraft and quality.

We work closely with our manufacturers, and value long-lasting collaborations with mutual goals, transparent communication and working environments of high values.