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Glass Vases


Studio About has created an impressive range of glass vases designed for both large and small bouquets and single flowers. The vases come in a variety of shapes and colours, and it's tempting to mix shapes and colours. All the vases rest on a glass cylinder, which gives them a floating and light look when they rest on the table.

The vases are not only beautiful, but also versatile. They can be used in a still life with a bouquet or single flower stems, but also for different types of plants and cuttings, utilising the transparent quality of the vase to expose the plant's fascinating roots. The sculptural shape and simplicity of the vases adds colour and decoration to the interior - even when empty. Coloured glass is something special in interior design; it provides lightness, beautiful shadows in the sun and lots of personality, both in the mix of vases and knick-knacks, but also with the flowers you choose. The vases from Studio About are available in different colours, including amber, turquoise, green, pink and yellow. All the vases are handmade from coloured borosilicate glass, a beautiful transparent material that can withstand large temperature fluctuations. All vases are mouth-blown and blown into a mould, ensuring uniformity in size and avoiding small irregularities. The designer behind the unique and stylish design of the vases is architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen, who is one part of the creative duo behind Studio About.

The beautiful and sculptural glass vase for larger bouquets is a special gem in the Studio About range. The vase has a unique shape that creates a beautiful balance between the organically sculptural and the minimalistically simple. The vase is perfect for highlighting beautiful bouquets and larger floral arrangements, and its transparent material allows light to flow through, bringing out the colours and details of the flowers in a very special way. The vases are also perfect for creating a cosy and personal look in your interior design. The small round vases and cylindrical vases in different heights can be mixed and matched in countless ways, and the colours can create exciting contrasts and play with light and shadow.