Having a hard time chosing between all the stunning flowers?
We have put together 6 beautiful bouquets, and will deliver them to you, your girlfriend, your mother-in-law - or any other special someone!


Studio About is a Danish design studio created and run by photographer Soffy Dombernowsky and architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen.

The main ambition is to bring aesthetic and functional designs into your home. You decide the form and the function of your object. How you wish to style it and which purpose you want it to have is solely up to you: A vase for your flowers, decorative storage for your jewellery, or a blooming installation.

Our designs are set to be simple and honest and, inspired by the principle of contrast, the designs represent a raw and delicate design philosophy of artistical proportions. The objects are crafted with an experimenting approach towards materials, colours, and design - a universe of quality that continuously develops.

link candleholder

Decorate your table with our modular aluminium LINK candle holders and add some colour with vases.

putting your objects to use

Whether you own our colourful vases, oil candles, acrylic frames, or any of our paper flowers, we have put thought into the possibilities considering creativity regarding our designs. Our tinted glass bubbles are multipurpose - this means your creativity is not limited by the design.
Use the glass bubbles for jewellery, candles, flowers, or plant cuttings, where your paper flowers have an even broader variety of possibilities because of their moldable

Discover our universe and become inspired to decorate with Studio About.