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"We have tried to find a simple but aesthetic solution that facilitates the function of the frame and at the same time provides new possibilities for the use of the object," says Mikkel.

FRAMELESS is a series of acrylic frames that are simple and stylish. The frames work perfectly as a contrast on your gallery wall or as an eye-catcher in your home. The picture frame consists of two plates held together by 2 hollow chicago screws. You can hang the frame with a string through the hollow screw or hang it directly on a nail. The frames are perfect for posters, but you can also play and experiment with the transparency of the frames and use them for paper clips, pressed flowers or something else entirely. The frames work as a change frame, so you can easily unscrew the frame when it's time for a new look. There are plenty of opportunities to get creative with the frame - you can let the image go to the edge or leave a piece bare for the same effect as a passe partout. Frames are available in light blue, pink, transparent, umber, purple and smoke-coloured. Personalised gallery walls are popular these days and you can mix posters, lithographs & photographs for a varied and personal look. FRAMELESS is the perfect addition to your creative wall as it gives you many options for displaying your art. Transparent picture frames are beautiful and give the subject a light and floating look. Acrylic frames are a great choice if you want to add variety to your gallery wall, and the coloured backing makes it easy to decorate with your favourite colours. Whether you choose to work with a tone-on-tone look or create contrast between frame and subject, the transparent frames add an extra dimension to the traditional picture frame.

The acrylic frames are available in rectangular shapes, in standard poster sizes to fit A5, A4, A3 and B2 posters, and two round versions to fit A4 and A5 posters. Above you can explore our different frames and read more about sizes, colours and materials.