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Spare parts


The Bubble Stand is an extra indulgence for our Bubble Tube glass vase. It is a cylindrical base that can be easily replaced and used to change the colour combination of your Bubble Tube vase. The stand is a spare base if you want to change the colors as needed or if you have lost the original stand. With our Bubble Stand, you can personalize your Bubble Tube vase, create new color combinations, and refresh your decor, so your vase is always functional and aesthetic.

The Bubble Stand is made of the same borosilicate glass as the Bubble Tube vase, but transparent so the colour of the Bubble Tube vase itself can be the center of attention and can shine on its own. The base is designed to fit perfectly with the vase and adds a beautiful shape to the entire structure. The transparent glass reflects light in the most beautiful way and gives your vase an extra dimension of elegance, creating the illusion that the vase is floating.


Our Bubble Stand can be used as a complementary part to your Bubble Tube vase to bring new life to the vase or as a spare part in case it is lost. It is available in different colours in the Bubble Stand collection, but this Bubble Stand is transparent, so it matches all the existing colours of the Bubble Tube collection. By combining the transparent stand with a Bubble Tube, you can create a sleek and minimalistic look without too many different color impressions. With the transparent Bubble Stand, your Bubble Tube vase becomes timeless and classic, perfect for all color palettes.

The Bubble Tube collection is a series of handmade glass vases designed for large bouquets. The vases rest on the cylindrical stand, giving the vase a sense of lightness and elegance. The glass vase is perfect for a single delicate bouquet of dried stems or loosely arranged flowers from the garden, as its transparency and shape enhance the beauty of the bouquet. The glass vase can be used on a dining table or on a windowsill, where its colored glass will reflect beautifully in the light and create a cozy atmosphere. The vase is also decorative with paper flowers or dried flowers.