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Standing Bubbles


STANDING BUBBLE is a collection of beautiful vases from Studio About that consists of a glass bubble floating on a cylindrical transparent base, creating an elegant and floating visual effect. The vases have different heights and openings.

STANDING FLOWER BUBBLE are bubble vases with a smaller opening designed to hold a single flower or two. The vases can also be used with a small cutting that can be allowed to take root in the bubble and create a living work of art. The vases are designed to allow you to experiment with the decoration and create a personalised look. You can choose flowers in the same colours as the vase for a tone-on-tone look or choose bright colours and contrasts for a more eye-catching look. You can also plant a smaller plant in the vases and let the roots spread inside the glass bubble to create a beautiful and almost maintenance-free decoration. The vases are beautiful on their own, but also look great in a small still life, perhaps with dried stems or a paper flower. The vases are mouth-blown in borosilicate glass, which is a particularly strong type of glass that is both scratch-resistant and can withstand high temperatures. The glass is coloured throughout and will keep looking good over time with regular cleaning.

STANDING PLANT BUBBLES are bubble vases with a larger opening. These round vases also balance on a clear glass cylinder and are available in different sizes. The large opening allows them to be used for succulents, tea lights and other decorations. These vases are also made of borosilicate glass, making them scratch, heat and acid resistant. The model with the large opening can therefore be used for a candle, which will reflect beautifully in the glass and create a cosy and romantic atmosphere on any table.

STANDING FLOWER BUBBLE and STANDING PLANT BUBBLES are both beautiful and unique vases that bring nature indoors and create a cosy and personal atmosphere in any room.