Our design philosophy is to create the best with less. We value pragmatic design and strive to reduce a design to its core while still creating an aesthetic experience and a poetic expression. Studio About wish to create simple, aesthetic and functional design that meet the needs in a creative and experimenting modern lifestyle without compromising on quality.

We create quality for everyone. We do not produce according to the commercial annual cycle of work or short-lived, trend-based collections, but are passionate and invested in the ideas, concepts, and relations that are thrilling to us. We strive to design products that are everlasting: both in their functionality, aesthetic and material. We wish our designs to be timeless and authentic so that you want to keep and be inspired by them. Therefore, our products are clean and simple without any unnecessary and excessive details. This means that our products are made in few materials, which makes it easier to recycle.


All our products are designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen, whereas our paper flowers are designed in collaboration with Kristina Sørensen from Labdecor and our paper cuts are created in collaboration with paper artist Little Detroit.

Our products are initially sketched as paper drawings. Once we are satisfied with the expression of the design, we 3D print a test design. In this way, we can control the shape and outcome of the design so that it is flawless before it is put in production.

We select our materials carefully to ensure our products are made in the highest quality. Therefore all our products are handmade. Our glass art ware is mouth-blown in borosilicate glass, which is a special type of glass that ensures that our design is precise and minimalistic while giving it a light and exclusive expression.

To uphold the high quality that we prioritise and appreciate, we value testing our prototypes on sales platforms like design markets or design fairs before the design is put in production. Here we can get an insight in our consumers personal needs and wishes; if it is desirable or if there is any functions or aesthetics that can be improved. In this way we can meet the demands and tastes of the market as well as our own design philosophies of exquisite quality and exclusive handicrafts.

These design- and production processes allow us to produce the right amount of products so that we can avoid overproduction and destruction of products.

Our products are tightly and securely packed in reusable paper tubes- and containers that protect the products fully while being easy to handle and store. In this way we avoid disposable plastic and unnecessary packaging.