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When your order is dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive an email containing tracking information for your parcel.

We ship all orders with GLS, and as a private customer, you will typically receive your item within 4- 5 business days.

Please monitor your tracking number for updates, as delays are possible.

If you have not received your parcel, please check the tracking information and then contact GLS.

In the unlikely event that GLS is unable to provide you with information about the delivery of your parcel, please feel free to contact us at kundeservice@studio-about.dk.

If you have mistakenly entered an incorrect delivery address, please contact us immediately at kundeservice@studio-about.dk.
We'll be happy to find a solution.

Unfortunately, once your order has been confirmed, we cannot make changes to it.

However, you can return your item once it arrives.

Within 30 days of delivery, defective items can be refunded.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at kundeservice@studio-about.dk.

Defective items will be replaced by the same type of product, if available.

Returns are handled normally.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at kundeservice@studio-about.dk.

If you do not receive an order confirmation within a few minutes of placing your order, please check that it has not ended up in spam or junk mail.

Otherwise, please email us at kundeservice@studio-about.dk so we can check your order.

We accept Visa, VisaDankort, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, MobilePay, or Paypal.

You have a 30-day return policy at STUDIO ABOUT

You must send your return products to Studio About Aps, Elkjærvej 8, 8230 Aarhus, Denmark.



You can choose between 5 different colours:

Rose, blue, smoke, yellow and transparent.

All candles are through-coloured, which means that the material itself is coloured.

See all our glass candles here.

The package includes two glass candles, a small funnel for filling with oil and 4 wicks for the two candles.

The glass candle is mouth-blown in borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is an extremely strong type of glass that can withstand temperature shocks.

The material is often used for test tubes and other laboratory equipment and can withstand exposure to acids and alkalis.

The burn time varies depending on the oil used.

We have tested with ordinary lamp oil from supermarkets, which shows a burn time of 6-10 hours after a full fill.
We got the best results with ALASKA lamp oil.

The wick lasts a long time (up to 1,000 hours) - and 2 extra wicks are included in the package.

The candles come with a small funnel that you can use to fill the candles with oil.

Remove the wick completely from the candle, place the funnel into the hole and fill with oil.

Put the wick back into the candle and drip a little oil on top of the wick. It's important to let the wick soak with oil before you switch on the light.

Lamp oil is said to emit fewer particles than regular candles, but some oils are better than others.

However, we recommend that you ventilate well after lighting candles indoors - whether they are oil or candle oil.

You don't need to clean the candle, but if you think the glass looks dirty, you can pour some warm water into the glass candle and remove the dirt - possibly with a soft bottle cleaner.

It is important that you let the candle dry out after cleaning so that the oil and water do not mix.

Remember to remove the wick from the candle before cleaning.

As the candles are designed in the standard chandelier size of 22 mm, you can use all kinds of candle holders that are customised for chandeliers.

The candle also has a small rubber strap at the bottom, which ensures that the candle is stable.


LINK candle holders are available in 4 different colours:

Matte gold, matte silver, shiny silver and black.

See the different colours.

The height of the candle holder is 40mm, where the length can be up to 110mm.

The diameter of the tube that the lights are inserted into is 23mm.

The candle holders are made of surface-treated aluminium. The treatment protects the metal from rust and UV rays and ensures that the candle holder retains its beautiful shine and colour.

Our candle holders are designed for our own coloured glass candles - but can also be used with ordinary candles.

You get 3 links in your pack, which provides space for 4 lights.

Separate links cannot be purchased separately, but you can easily put 2 packs together to make 2 candle holders.

The candle holder comes in several joints that allow you to chain them together and combine them exactly as you wish.

The base/top of the candle holders are placed on top of each other, allowing you to create the look you want.

The candle holders are easy to assemble and disassemble when it's time for a change.

Light candle residue can be carefully scraped off with a knife. However, be careful not to scratch the aluminium surface of the candle holder.

You can pour boiling water over the candle holder to loosen stubborn candle residue.

Then wipe the candle holder dry.

Glass vases FAQ

All vases are available in various shades that harmonize seamlessly and complement the minimalist Nordic design aesthetic.

View all vases here

As STUDIO ABOUT continually develops its products, the color selection may eventually expand.
Please feel free to email us at info@studio-about.dk with any suggestions for our next collection.

All the measurements and product specifications are in each product's description.

Our vases are all handmade of colored borosilicate glass, a material that can tolerate great temperature swings. The glass is colored all the way through, not a coat, and therefore will not fade or peel off.

HANGING BUBBLES are well placed in a window, as the light will reflect off the glass and create a beautiful play of colors.
The HANGING BUBBLE includes a 1-meter-long leather line in which you can install the vase. The line should be fastened to a window frame or similar fixture from which the vase can hang.
The vases are also suited for installation in the corner of a room, where you can hang multiple vases side by side to create a beautiful, light hanging vase universe.
Install a hook in the ceiling and hang the vases from it.
Here, you can see all the HANGING BUBBLES.

STANDING BUBBLES do well in a window frame, as the light will make a beautiful play in the glass.
The vases are also suitable for a bookshelf, and you can match multiple vases on a table to create a beautiful setting.

You can see all the STANDING BUBBLES here.

All of our vases are made of borosilicate glass, a strong and durable material.
The glass can withstand great temperature changes, and with regular cleaning, your vase will keep its shine and color for a long time.
Even though borosilicate glass is a stronger material than regular glass, it is still glass and can not withstand impact.
The FLOWER TUBE vase has a thin upper edge and can therefore be fragile. Be extra careful when unpacking this type of vase.

View all glass vases here

It is recommended that the vases be regularly cleaned since they are usually in contact with both water and organic material (plants).
The vases are made of borosilicate glass, which can withstand acid or alkaline products like vinegar.
You can also clean the vases with boiling water.
We do not recommend putting the vases in the dishwasher as they could bump against other items and break.