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The Poppy paper flower is, as the name suggests, inspired by the beautiful red poppy flower known for its appearance during the Danish summer. This version is a part of our fourth collection of paper flowers.Poppy is a handmade flower made of coloured crepe paper, designed by Kristina Sørensen from Labdecor. The flower's stalk is made to be adjustable for creative purposes.FOR YOUR DECORATIONThe palette we ended with when we were creating this flower, had this dark ochre where we wanted to once more have the poppy-model to be used as it has been since the first collection of paper flowers - and with good reason. The normal Poppy was a perfect addition where this sharp orange colour fitted perfectly with the flower's size so the flower could be used as a bunch making a smaller bouquet with a potential of a larger amount of options for colours.Your Poppy can be used by itself or be put together with other paper flowers - or regular flowers - to create a bouquet. Just remember to protect the paper flowers from any water if they are to be combined with regular flowers. So you can use the paper flowers the same way you use regular flowers where the paper flowers just last longer and will never need to be watered.BLOOMING CREATIVITYIn addition to the decorative properties of paper flowers, they are also both versatile and long-lasting. We have put together some inspiration for you who want to use the paper flowers in different ways - either in your decor, on the table or as accessories. If you feel like something new, the flowers can be reused in new creative projects.Wrap the paper flower around your napkin and serve a plateful of flower happiness to your guestsMix paper flowers with fresh flowers (but remember to protect the paper stalk from water)Use the paper flowers as a colourful eye-catcher in a dried bouquetTreat your friend to a stalk or two as a hostess giftDecorate your gifts with a paper flowerUse the flowers individually or put them together for bouquetsMake a beautiful flower wreath for your hair with paper flowersThe paper flowers have a flexible stem and will fit in both small and large vases - bend the stem a few times and use it in a small Standing Bubble or leave it in all its glory in the tall cylinder vase Flower Tube.BRING LIFE TO THE FLOWERSWhen you receive the flower, you need to unfold the leaves yourself. You can choose whether the flower should be fully open or slightly more closed.The crepe paper is also easily shaped and if you gently rub the thumb into a leaf, you can give the leaf a slight rounding. This way you can give your flowers a personal look and they will be livelier and truer to nature.Follow these 3 steps to unfold it completely:Carefully grab the flower head down in the box and pull it out.Spread the petals of the flower.To create more fullness, you can gently pull your thumb in the centre of a petal, making them more curved.SPECIFICATIONSCOLOR: Dark OchreLENGTH: MMFLOWERHEAD: Diam. MMWEIGHT: Incl. packaging KGThe flower comes in a nice, discreet cardboard tube and can easily be stored and transported. Design in a collab between Kristina Sørensen and Studio About.