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SPECIFICATIONSCOLOUR: AMBERQUANTITY: 2 PCS MATERIAL: GLASDIAM: 65 MMHEIGHT: 110 MMCONTENTS: 25 CLWEIGHT: 0,260KGTABLEWARE is a new addition to Studio About’s repertoire, and is designed by Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen. This drinking glass is part of the glass series and is in the colour amber, which gives it a warm and cosy feel. The glass comes in a set of two and is a perfect gift to treat yourself or as a house-warming gift.AMBER, AGELESS AND AESTHETICThe drinking glass has an aesthetic and stylish design, which makes it both timeless and modern. The glass has a smooth finish with a smaller base, which makes it light and elegant in the hand. The amber-coloured glass will throw beautiful shadows in the sun and make your table warm and inviting. You can create an enchanting play of colour if you style it with more coloured glass or you can style it with rustic ceramic to create a contrasted look. The glass can both be paired with new, modern dinnerware or retro thrift finds for a personal touch.The drinking glass is ideal for both hot and cold drinks. The glass can be used for your favourite cup of tea on working days or for festive drinks for special occasions and events. You can use it for serving snacks, berries or desserts as well. The glass is stackable to save space in the cupboard but is also beautiful to have on display on the kitchen shelf.CLEANINGThe drinking glass is easy to clean and is dishwasher proof. The glass is made of solid-coloured borosilicate glass, which means that the glass is thermal shock resistant. Therefore, the glass has a high durability and will keep its appearance and maintain its beautiful colour through time.The drinking glass comes in several different colours: rose, smoke, blue and greenStudio About is a Danish design studio. All products are designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen.