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Studio About launches a completely new design for their universe.

Flex Tube is a modern and innovative designer lamp that invites to artistic manifestation; with the lamp’s moving design you can shape and bend the lamp as you wish and create aesthetic and creative patterns. Flex Tube is an innovative and modern light source that gives an organic expression with its soft and flexible curves and is the perfect lighting for an experimental and aesthetic lifestyle. Flex Tube can be used inside and outside.

Flex Tube comes in three different editions

Flex Tube, 5 meters in red

The red color changes beautifully from red to neon pink and gives a beautiful, colored glow to the home. The color creates a colorful look that gives warmth and intimacy to the room. It is a unique way to bring heat into the room and a modern alternative to the traditional white light.

Flex Tube, 5 meters in white

This Flex Tube is in a warm, whitish color. The moving design and material of the lamp result in a pleasant glow and is an interpretation of the classic lamp and the white light with a dispute.

Flex Tube, 9 meters in white

This Flex Tube is also in a warm, white color, but is a longer version of 9 meters. With this lamp you can experiment and play with larger creations. There is plenty of opportunity to create an impressive eye-catch that surprises and captivates.

Living Light Culture

With its minimalist design and organic mobility, Flex Tube is the perfect fusion between the stylish, functional and aesthetic. The lamp has a minimalist expression, but is transformed with its flexible design into a unique and personal work of art, and its organic shapes give life and movement to the space.

The lamp is innovative, functional and flexible, as it can be used in countless creative ways. It can be used, for example, as a ceiling lamp, floor lamp or table lamp. You can use the included suspensions to create a unique wall lamp and let the lamp swing in organic and natural shapes on the wall. It can also be draped over objects such as a chair or a long tube, which is hanged horizontally from the ceiling over a dining table, or it can be wrapped around itself and placed on a reel, on the floor or on a shelf as a decorative light sculpture. The design of the lamp can be changed as you wish, so you can always have a ever-changing and sensational light.

Flex Tube is made of a LED light tube of silicone. LED light tubes are recognized for reproducing colors in high quality and are better for the environment as they have a long life. With Flex Tube you can therefore add luxury and quality to your own home.

About Studio

Studio About is a Danish design company, founded by photographer Soffy Dombernowsky and architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen with the ambition to create beautiful and artistic design without compromising on quality and function.

The glass vases from Studio About became the springboard for the company’s design adventure, but the company has since expanded its repertoire with many more beautiful design collections.

Studio About offers an urban aesthetic and a universe of glass vases, oil lights, candlesticks, paper flowers, frames, paper clips, lamps and tableware, all of which are placed between the artistic and functional, the organic and the industrial.