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Grand Peony is one of the new flowers from the 4th collection of our paper flowers from the collaboration between Studio ABout and the paper artist Kristina from Labdecor. The Grand Peony is inspired by the Silk Peony ‘Bowl of Beauty’ which is one of Kristina's personal favourites from her garden. The Grand Peony is the paper flower from Studio About with the biggest flower head, and therefore it is a beautiful addition to a bouquet, but also perfect by itself in a vase.

Our Grand Peony is made of coloured crepe paper with a clear bright yellow centre, mounted on a long, flexible green stem. The stem can easily be shaped so it will fit in both big and small vases. 


Your Grand Peony can be used as a single or be put together with other flowers - both real and other paper flowers - into a bouquet. If you combine your paper flowers with real flowers, remember to protect your paper flower if it the bouquet is in water. Also, because of the flower's shapable quality, there is a whole bunch of creative possibilities for decorating with our paper flowers.


Besides the paper flowers' decorative properties, they are also versatile and long-lasting. Do not keep yourself from experimenting with your paper flowers as they can be tangled around objects and thereby easily be used as wreaths, table decorations, as an element of a costume or simply as a hair accessory. Otherwise, we have collected a few examples as inspiration for you, who would like to use your paper flowers in a variety of different ways. And if you feel like making a few changes to your decorations, the flowers can always be used again in your new creative projects. 

Here a just a few ideas:

1. Make your table decorations a little bit extra and tangle your paper flowers around your napkins.

2. Blend your paper flowers with fresh flowers (remember to protect the paperflower from water).

3. Mix it with dried flowers and plants.

4. Give a gift that the hostess will remember and give a paper flower or two.

5. Decorate birthday presents/presents for your girlfriends/just-because-presents with a paperflower.

6. Tangle the flowers around branches in a vase to give a few flowers more volume.

7. Make candle rings to decorate your candles or our Oil Candles with.

The paper flowers fit in both small and larger vases as the stem is very shapable. Bend the stem a couple of times and use it in a small Standing Bubble or let it stand at its full length in the tall cylinder vase Flower Tube.


Your paper flowers will be delivered in a solid paper tube. You decide yourself how you want your flower to look, fx. if it shall be fully bloomed or as a bud - it is completely up to you how it should stand.

Unfold your flower by following these three simple steps:

  1. After opening the tube, grab the flower head and gently pull it out.
  2. Spread the flower leaves to your liking.
  3. To create more volume, drag your thumb across the middle of the flower leaves to create a slight half-pipe shape.





WEIGHT: Incl. packaging 0,060KG

The flower will arrive in a solid tube and can therefore easily be stored and transported without breaking.

The paper flowers are made in a collaboration between Labdecor and Studio About.