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Apple Flower is exactly as the name suggests inspired by traditional apple flowers. Apple Flower is a completely new form of paper flower from our fourth collection of paper flowers. Apple Flower is not like other paper flowers on a stalk but comes instead as one stalk with a flower at each end. The flowers are made in collaboration between Studio About and the paper artist Kristina from Labdecor.

The flowers and the flower centre are made from crepe paper and the small stalk is made from a flexible wire with green paper wrapped around which can easily be shaped however you like.


The Apple Flowers can, with its stalk, be tangled around a branch so the branch appears like a regular apple tree branch. The Apple Flowers can also be used to decorate napkins with the tableware, around the stalk of wine glasses, on the Christmas tree, as a gift or in the hair - there are only the limits of your imagination that can decide what you wish to use these small flowers for because of their adjustable shape.


In addition to the decorative properties of paper flowers, they are also both versatile and long-lasting. We have put together some inspiration for you who want to use the paper flowers in different ways - either in your decor, on the table or as accessories. If you feel like something new, the flowers can be reused in new creative projects.

  1. Make your tableware a little extra and tangle an Apple Flower around glassware, napkins, or candle holders.
  2. Mix your Apple Flower with the other branches from Studio About and tangle them around the branches to make the flowers uplift the branches' rather neutral appearance.
  3. Mix them with dried flowers.
  4. Jars with electric lights inside? Put some Apple Flowers into the jar and have the lights make the flowers' colours light up.
  5. Decorate birthday presents/girlfriend presents/just-because-presents with Apple Flowers as the icing on the cake.
  6. Tangle your Apple Flowers in elastic bands for your hair.
  7. Add them to a flower wreath for either your hair or for the table.

The Apple Flowers fit very well with our small vases as the stalk can be bent and shaped - feel free to use them in our Standing Flower Bubbles.


When you receive the flower, you need to unfold the leaves yourself. You can choose whether the flower should be fully open or slightly more closed.

The crepe paper is also easily shaped and if you gently rub the thumb into a leaf, you can give the leaf a slight rounding. This way you can give your flowers a personal look and they will be livelier and truer to nature.

Follow these 3 steps to unfold it completely:

  • Carefully grab the flower head down in the box and pull it out.
  • Spread the petals of the flower.
  • To create more fullness, you can gently pull your thumb in the centre of a petal, making them more curved.


COLOR: Purple




WEIGHT: Incl. packaging 0,030KG

The flower comes in a nice, discreet cardboard tube and can easily be stored and transported. 

Design in a collab between paperdesigner Kristina Sørensen and Studio About-