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Help us make the world a greener place!
By purchasing this product, you are purchasing a physical tree that will be planted somewhere in the world. If you buy one tree, we buy two. If you buy two, we will buy four ...
We work with Forest Nation, a socially responsible company whose basic idea is to create a greener soil by planting new trees. Studio About cares about the earth and would like to take an active part in the process of creating more green life. Forest Nation has already planted more than 1 million trees in different parts of the world and they not only plant trees but are socially responsible in many aspects. We have started working with them as we want to be part of their journey to create a more sustainable future - for ourselves and our children.
We want to be responsible and want you as a consumer of our products to help increase our influence.
Therefore, we have chosen that you as a consumer can donate a tree when you buy one of our products. If you choose to plant a tree in connection with your purchase, we will double up and plant 2 extra trees.
By planting trees, we are helping to positively impact the planet and reduce the negative footprints we all leave in the world. It's simple, but it works. Forest Nation has planted over 1 million trees and you can read much more about their organization at here .