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A selection of our must-see designs, perfect for bringing new life to your everyday and creating inspiring experiences at home.
Add a touch of Danish design to your home and explore our new releases for autumn/winter '23 here.


Studio About offers a beautiful selection of trays and bowls that are both practical and decorative for use in the kitchen and home decor.Our CLAYWARE series includes serving trays and bowls in various sizes and colors, made from ceramics. Our light ceramics are fully glazed, preserving their delicate color and ensuring they remain beautiful forever. On the other hand, our dark ceramics are partially glazed, giving them a raw exterior and a tactile feel in your hands, while the interior features a beautiful glaze. They can be used for serving anything from salads and hot dishes to snacks and fruits. Our bowls and trays are decorative, making them suitable for storing jewelry or serving as artistic elements in the home.Our ceramic bowls and trays have a sleek and minimalist design with unique color combinations, making them suitable for display on a table or shelf. Our ceramic bowls have high edges that can be used for larger dishes and salads, while our ceramic serving trays have low edges, perfect for serving cakes and beautiful presentations.

flex TUBE

FLEX TUBE is our take on an innovative LED lamp that invites artistic expression.
Its flexible design allows you to shape and bend the lamp to perfectly fit your space and create a unique lighting experience. In addition to providing beautiful light, the lamp also adds life and movement to the room. Furthermore, it is practical and functional as it can be used in various ways:
Use it as a wall lamp or drape it over your favorite furniture to create a mesmerizing light sculpture that adds an aesthetic and artistic touch to your home. With its different colors and lengths, you can experience a new dimension of illumination.

Flex mount

Flex Mount Large is an innovative and decorative form of light source which is mounted to the wall or ceiling. Our Flex Mount Large is soft and movable, so you can create your own impressive light installation. The lamp helps to create an aesthetic and artistic eye-catcher. Flex Mount Large has a warm whitish colour, which gives a pleasant glow in the room. It was designed by Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen from Studio About. The lamp is functional and flexible, and it can be used in many different ways. The warm, whitish color makes Flex Mount fit into every modern home. With the movable design, you can shape, bend and hang the lamp as you like. With its minimalist design and warm light, the lamp is the perfect fusion between the stylish, the functional and the aesthetic. The light installation represents the optimal lighting for those looking for a modern and aesthetic interior. It is an innovative lamp and at the same time a work of art that continues to deliver an effective glow.

bouquet tube

BOUQUET TUBE is a glass vase that explores three-dimensional expression. The vase consists of three parts, each dyed in a different color, allowing you to see the various layers of colored glass, creating beautiful color play and depth. The transparent glass allows the colors to blend harmoniously, giving a gentle and pleasant expression. The vase's multiple layers create a sculptural focal point, making it decorative even without flowers, so you can always have it on display. The glass vase has a sleek and modern look, making it perfect for any home. BOUQUET TUBE vase can be used with bouquets in muted colors that harmonize with the vase's color combination, or it can create an artistic focal point with large flowers in vibrant colors that contrast with the vase.