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The HANGING FLOWER BUBBLE collection is a series of round glass vases to be hung from the included leather cord. The vases are mouth-blown and designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen.This particular glass vase is crafted in a beautiful clear green colour with a diameter of 11 cm and an opening of 2 cm. The vase is best suited for a single flower or two – pick any seasonal flower or perhaps a decorative mix of dried flowers and handmade paper flowers.DECORATE WITH HANGING VASESMake use of the transparency of the glass vase and let a cutting or plant take root inside the bubble. As time passes it will become a small work of art and it is fascinating to watch how the plant sets rots and grows. When the light falls on the vase, it creates a special effect and the small drops of water will clearly appear. The vase lives up to its name here - a hanging bubble.Because of the effects light can have on the vase, it is evidently clever to place the vase in the window - you can hang it from the frame on a small hook or if you have a larger window section, it can hang from a branch. The vase is highly decorative and with its minimalist and organic shape, it will add an extra dimension to a picture wall or a lonely corner of the living room. Putting the vase up high brings out a nice effect and you can easily make your own hanging still life by, for example, hanging a group of vases together.Coloured glass adds a special ambience and is an easy way to add a little splash of colour to your home decor. The series of bubble vases consists of a range of sizes and colours and invites you to create your own personal mix of vases and decorations.CLEANINGThe glass vases are made of durable borosilicate glass, which is both scratch-resistant and made to withstand high-temperature fluctuations. So, no need to worry that the vases are particularly delicate or cannot withstand heat. The durable glass is easily washed and cleaned with warm water and soap. Use vinegar or other acidic products to remove limescale.All vases are mouth-blown and blown into their specific shape in a mould. This means you avoid small rough spots while it ensures evenness in size.SPECIFICATIONSThe hanging vases are available in 3 different sizes - 8 cm, 11 cm and 13 cm and you can choose between two different sizes of the opening in the vase. This vase is 11 cm in diameter and has an opening of 2 cm making it best suited for a single flower or two - alternatively a cutting.If you want to use the vase with a candle, air plant or something else that requires a larger opening, choose a vase with an opening of 55-100 mm. Please be aware that in order to use the vase with a candle, you have to replace the leather cord and use one made of metal, as the leather can’t withstand the heat from the flame.COLOUR: GreenGLASS BUBBLE: Diam. 110 MMOPENING: ØDiam.20 MMCORD: 1000 MM (natural coloured leather)WEIGHT incl. packaging: 0.200 KGThe vase is wrapped in a discreet cardboard tube and can comfortably be transported and shipped to your home.Studio About is a Danish design studio. All products are designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen, who has an experimental approach to materials, design, and aesthetics.