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The HANGING FLOWER BUBBLE collection is a series of carefully handmade glass vases designed to be elegantly hung from the enclosed leather cord.

The hanging vase is available in three sizes: 80 mm, 110 mm and 130 mm and you have the option to choose from two different sizes of openings.

If you want to use the vase with an air plant or any other interior decorating object that takes a slightly bigger vase opening, we recommend you pick the 55-110 mm vase opening size. If you wish to use it with a single stem or cuttings, go for the 15 mm vase opening.

This version of the popular vase carries a decorative and transparent cyan hue.


These hanging bubble vases are made from glass and are highly suitable as decoration for your window but can easily be hung from a corner of your living room or next to a picture collage on the wall.

The vase is stunning with a single flower, but you can make the most of the transparent material by planting a plant in it. This way you get to watch it as it grows and follow the roots as they slowly develop and become stronger inside the bubble. Small flowers are a perfect match for this vase. Why not experiment with plants that eventually will wrap themselves around the leather cord as they grow?

This cyan-coloured glass vase projects amazing reflections when hit by the light and it works like a little piece of art in itself. The Hanging Bubble is available in a range of coloured glass and even though it’s decorative just as it is, you can successfully combine different sizes and colours for a different look. The design of the vase is minimalist and sculptural – a classic vase that will upgrade most homes.


Our hanging vases are carefully handcrafted from solid coloured borosilicate glass. This particular type of glass endures significant drops and rises in temperature, so no need to worry; it will hold.

All vases are mouth-blown and blown into their specific shape. This means you avoid small rough spots while it ensures evenness in size.

The vase is easy to hang up using the enclosed leather cord. We recommend using a small hook attached to the ceiling. This way you can easily take your vase down to add water or clean it.

To clean your vase from Studio About, simply use lukewarm water and ordinary soap. If you experience limescale, use a little bit of vinegar, that should take care of it.




OPENING: Diam. 15 MM

CORD: 1000 MM (naturally coloured leather)


The vase is discreetly wrapped in a cardboard cylinder and is easily shipped and delivered to your home.

The vase is designed by Architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen, one half of the duo behind Studio About.