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Model: Fits A5 poster

The FRAMELESS Collection from Studio About is a series of transparent picture frames in acrylic. The acrylic frame consists of a transparent front and a coloured transparent back. 2 Chicago screws hold the frame together and make it easy to change the motif.

The acrylic frame is available here in a round version in a beautiful light purple, which with its simple look fits well into the Nordic minimalist homes. The untraditional shape adds sculptural expression to the frame and invites you to experiment with different types of motifs. The frame is held together by two hollow Chicago screws in brass. The screws allow for the frame to be mounted hanging, on a nail or from a cord.


Wall vases, ceramics, sculptures, textiles, photos, and holiday memories in a large personal mix form an exciting and personal picture wall to explore. Use the transparent round picture frame on your picture wall and let it act as a foundation and add an extra dimension to your work. Play with a tone-on-tone look or find a nice contrasting colour to match the frame's delicate purple colour.

The round frame is perfect for both postcards and small posters, but is also suitable for small, pressed anemones, pansies or fine green leaves.


With the FRAMELESS collection, we are able to detach the frames from the wall and bring the opportunity to hang them freely in the room. In addition to the classic rectangular frames in the standard sizes A5, A4, A3, A2 and B2, Studio About encourages more exploration within interior design with this round shape.

The round shape encourages you to play with the creativeness and the quirkiness. Art hanging flat is a thing of the past. Mount your round frame hanging freely from the ceiling or in the window, where the sun will play with the motif and the frame and create new depths and shadows.


You can easily dust the frame with a cloth and polish it with glass cleaner.




COVER: Transparent 3 MM acrylic (with anti UV)

BACK: 3 MM acrylic

MOUNTING: 2 golden Chicago screws (the screws are hollow with space for hanging)

WEIGHT incl. packaging: 0.640 KG

The front of the acrylic frame features UV protection and will protect your artwork from discolouration caused by sunlight.

The FRAMELESS series is designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen, who is one half of the creative duo behind Studio About.