Model: fits B2 poster

The FRAMELESS collection from Studio About is a series of transparent acrylic picture frames. The frame consists of a transparent front and back in acrylic. 2 c hicago screws holds the frame together and makes it easy to change the subject. The frame is easily hung directly in one of the hollow screws.

Here is the series' largest acrylic frame that fits a 500x700 mm poster. The frame itself MEASUREMENTSs 560 x 800 mm, so there is also flexibility in case you have a poster that differs slightly from the standard dimensions.


With a transparent front and back, the picture frame has a timeless and stylish design that fits naturally into the interior, regardless of whether you are into colors or have a penchant for the more neutral Nordic look.
The transparent frame is a good choice when the work of art needs full attention. The transparency gives a light and floating expression and can be used with posters, lithographs, and unique works. If you want to use the frame creatively, you can achieve a beautiful visual effect with paper clips, collages, pressed leaves, and flowers that with organic shapes break the clean straight lines and create variation, for example on the picture wall.


Light and shadow mean a lot to our interior design and these are elements that Studio About often includes in its design processes. Place your large frame in a window and let the light play with your subject. Since the frame itself MEASUREMENTSs 560 mm x 800 mm, a beautiful mat will be formed around your motif, in which the sun will shine through.


FRAME DIMENSIONS: width 560 MM x height 800 MM


COVER: transparent 3 mm acrylic (with anti UV)

BACK: transparent 3 mm acrylic

HANG: 2 golden chicago screws (the screws are hollow with space for hanging)

WEIGHT incl. packaging:

You may find that the acrylic can bend a bit due to stresses in the material, but you can easily correct this by turning the acrylic sheets so that they tension against each other. The front of the frame has UV protection that protects your artwork from discoloration from the sun.

The FRAMELESS series is designed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen, who is one half of the creative duo behind Studio About.