Danish Studio About is founded with the ambition to create simple, aesthetic and functional interior objects in exquisite quality. The universe of Studio About explores the contrast between the organic and the industrial in their aesthetics and design philosophy. Our wish is to accommodate the needs in a creative and experiment modern lifestyle.

“Our utmost ambition is to spark our audience's own inspiration” - Mikkel


Our way of experiencing and accessing materialities and the visual world has become more fluid. Our senses of taste and living spaces have become flightier and more undefined, and this reality is what we are inspired by. We seek to integrate this fact of life in our designs by creating sensuous and experimental interior design that evokes the unexpected and the playful, and thus changes our way of understanding the functions of a design object.

We believe that design is a way of thinking and living – an extension of our senses and ourselves. Therefore, the objects we design create a sensuous experience and can be unfolded in various surroundings and lives.

Our design aesthetics

The universe of Studio About expands in the area between industrial functionalism and a tender artistic design philosophy – an urban aesthetic. Everything we create in Studio About is based on the wish to inspire. Our design is therefore honest, naked, sensuous and curious. We play with the organic, the sculptural, the architectonic and the urban.