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The HANGING PLANT BUBBLE collection is a series of handmade glass vases. The vase is easily hung up in the included leather cord. The vase is available here in a beautiful blue-green colour, called cyan and has an opening of 5.5 cm.


The round hanging vase has a classic and simple design that fits into most homes. The vases are highly suitable to be hung in a sunny part of your home, where the light dynamically create artwork in the coloured glass and the small bubbles in the water. The vase can be hung in a window but is also very decorative as part of a picture montage on your wall or to add a light, fresh breath to a lonely corner of your living room.

The large opening on this bubble vase offers many opportunities to use the vase in creative ways. In the summer when flowers bloom, it is easy to bring a little of the beautiful piece of nature inside, but the rest of the year you can easily enjoy the vase with a succulent, an air plant or maybe a paper flower with a large corolla that can rest in the opening of the vase. That way, you always have a no-need-for-care piece of beauty.

The simple bubble vase hangs beautifully as it is, but why not try to cluster a few vases?  This vase is available in many different colours and models, and they are evidently easy to mix and combine to create your very own hanging still life with different types of added decorations.


The small round vases are mouth-blown and made of solid coloured borosilicate glass. This type of glass can withstand large temperature fluctuations meaning that you do not have to worry about the glass bursting. The glass is also scratch-resistant. Your vase will stay nice and pretty for a long time.


It can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap. You can use any type of vinegar to remove any limescale.


The vase is easy to mount using the included leather cord. We recommend that you use a small hook in the ceiling. That way, the vase is also easy to take down when it needs new water or cleaning. If you want to decorate your vase with light, you must replace the leather cord with a metal one. The glass itself can withstand candles but the cord won’t.


The hanging vases are available in 3 different sizes - diameter 8 cm, 11 cm and 13 cm and you can choose between two different sizes of the opening in the vase. See them all here.

COLOUR: Amber / Amber


OPENING: Diam. 55 MM

CORD: 1000 MM (natural leather)

WEIGHT incl packaging: 0.100 KG

The vase comes in a discreet and simple cardboard tube, so the vase can be easily sent and shipped.

HANGING BUBBLES are part of a large collection of glass from the Danish design company Studio About. All objects are designed by Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen who successfully has removed any excess detailing landing on a highly minimalist and elegant look.