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Do you know the feeling of having guests and have no idea how to approach the empty table?

Sometimes you may need outside inspiration. We have therefore asked three talented women about their take on what a summer table can look like. Read and view this article.

 Table setting-summer-vases-guide-hannalook-studioabout

Photo credit @ hanna.look



If you are not already following skilled @ hanna.look, then her instagram profile is worth a visit. Hanna is from Germany, lives in Berlin and works as a model. See Hanna's Instagram profile here: @ hanna.look

Hanna is inspired by natural materials and focuses on food when setting the table:

Hanna: “I often use a variety of green and recyclable materials in my table setting and in my home. I'm incredibly inspired by Scandinavian designers and florists ”

Do you have a good rule of thumb for styling the perfect table?

Hanna “I usually start by choosing which colors to focus on. If I want a calm, natural color palette, I often use flax and wood as a base and add flowers, candles etc. to create atmosphere. And not least, I always have the food to be served in mind and how it will look in the whole.

Do you have a tip you want to pass on?

Hanna “flowers and candles are always a welcome feature and not least LESS IS MORE”

Hanna has styled with Flower tube, 65200A, Standing flower bubble, 802080S and Standing plant bubble, 805550T < / span>


 Table setting-summer-vases-guide-sofiesund-studioabout

Photo credit @sofiesund

We have received help from the talented Norwegian photographer, Sofie Sund. Sofie has a completely unique eye for detail and the minimalist expression. We have asked her what she considers important to create the right atmosphere at her table.

Sofie is inspired to her work through many things, among these are magazines, books, various designers, and brands. Sofie's home is minimalist, and the dining area is built around white walls and a white dining table. That way, there is more room to play with strong colors and flowers in the decor.

Do you have any "rules" you follow when setting a table?

Sofie “No, I think you have to discard rules and think a little out of the box. A good idea is to choose one thing to start from. I often choose to start with the service I want to use. Besides the service, the most important thing is the flowers, whether it is from a florist or a bouquet found in the forest does not matter, but the most important thing for me is that the colors in the entire table setting complement each other. It is the colors that blend everything together. ”

Sofie's Tips for You:

“Have fun, experiment with your ideas and be creative. You can use almost anything from home, old and new combined and do not forget that nature offers many incredibly fine solutions. ”

Sofie has styled with Flower tube, 65160R, Standing Flower Bubble 802050Y and Standing Flower Bubble 802050A. < / p>

You can see more of Sofie's work here: @sofiesund >


Cecilie lives in Copenhagen, she is often inspired on pinterest and instagram. Cecilie has a simple and delicate expression on her instagram profile, and this is also expressed when she invites her friends to dinner. See more of her work here: @cecilieflex

Cecilie has styled with our vases and used these: Flower tube, 65160R, Flower tube, 65200Y og < / strong> Standing Flower Bubble 802080G p>

 Table setting-summer-vases-guide-cecilieflex-studioabout

Photo credit @cecilieflex

How do you approach your table setting?

Cecilie: " I almost always have a very basic and timeless service and therefore the" big "players will always be the flowers, candles, vases, napkins or other decorations." i>

What is your best advice for a delicious table?

Cecilie “Feel free to mix colors, but keep the same tone” “Besides, there is nothing a beautiful bouquet cannot fix” i>


  • Be creative and use what you already have
  • Flowers and candles are a must
  • Coordinate your colors