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Vases do not just have to be on the table. With the hanging vases in colored glass from Studio About, you can create small hanging still lifes. When the vases come up in the air, the colored glass and the water give a very special visual effect. The small bubbles in the water create small universes and are at the same time delicate and expressive. The vases hang nicely in a window but can also be used hanging from a shelf or in a corner of the living room or hallway.

Furnished with hanging vases in stained glass


Whether you are into fresh flowers or less demanding decorations, there are plenty of options for decorating your hanging vases. Here's our quote on hanging vases.

1. Plant cuttings

A hanging glass vase with a small opening is perfect for propagating cuttings in. The cuttings love the light, and it gives you the best conditions to be able to follow the development of the roots. As the roots spread and fill the bubble, you will eventually get a small hanging work of art.

A good place to start if you do not have experience with cuttings is the fine grandmother plant Paletblad. There are several varieties of the plant genus Paletblad, and they are incredibly easy to propagate via cut side shoots. In addition to Paletblad, the plant Monstera is also grateful and incredibly beautiful in a bubble vase.

2. Cut flowers and branches

When the spring branches are in bloom or the summer garden is in full bloom, it is obvious to bring a little of the beauty of nature inside. Hanging vases with a small opening are incredibly fine with both cut flowers and branches, so let yourself be inspired by the seasons and use the vases with changing decorations. If it is winter, you can also use fine dried flowers or a beautiful paper flower. Try it out and sense what suits you best. Only the imagination sets limits.

3. Airplants (Tillandsia)

The elegant Hanging Bubble 135100 < with a large opening is perfect for, among others, airplants. Airplants are a plant with minimal care requirements that do not need water or soil, but just a shower once a week.

4. Greenhouse

You can also choose to make your own little greenhouse. Try for yourself with a little soil, and possibly a climbing plant like Hjerteranke. The hanging vases with a large opening can also be used with a little moss and decorations for holidays.

Decorate with hanging vases in colored glass


The hanging vases are made of the strong glass type borosilicate. The glass is stained and can therefore be placed in any environment, even a south-facing window, without the glass fading. Explore all our hanging vases and find inspiration for your own little hanging still life.

decorated with hanging vases in colored glass