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tips for spring branches indoors


When the wind is still cold and it is only warm in the direct sun, then we love to use Flower tube vases for spring branches. So, we can enjoy spring indoors. We have expanded our vase collection and the Bubble Tube vase is perfect for a large bouquet of fresh branches mixed with daffodils or for the slightly larger branches like magnolia.


Here in March, most branches and shrubs are springing up with tense buds and flowers. If you take them inside, they will within a short amount oftime, jump out and light up. Almost all kinds of branches will decorate inside, but here are some of our favorites with the most beautiful buds:

  • Cherries, white and pink
  • Magnolia
  • Mirabelle (fragrant)
  • Syren
  • Forsytia
  • Goslings from the willow tree


  1. Feel free to cut your branches with sharp scissors and make a clean oblique cut. Breaking the branch will reduce the ability to absorb water.
  2. Once the branches have come in, place them in lukewarm water. The water should be changed approximately every other day so that it does not rot.
  3. If you have the space for it, extend your life by keeping them cool at night.


Stained glass can be something special in the decor - it provides lightness and beautiful shadows in the sun. It also adds lots of personality to the decor - both with other vases and trinkets, but also with the flowers or branches you choose to style them with. The vases from Studio About are available in different colors, including smoke, cyan, green, rose, amber, etc. It is easy to find some that suit your interior design style and the expression you want. See all the vases here span >.