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Flowers and greenery have had a renaissance over the past few years, and this is a trend that we love at Studio About. Plants provide a better indoor climate and greenery is, as the saying goes, good for the eye.


However, with a busy daily life, it is important to choose plants that suit your temperament and choose a plant that you can handle. Therefore, we have chosen to show you how to easily and simply propagate a mini monstera, (Monstera Adansonii) This plant species is found in about 50 varieties and originates from the tropical rainforest. Exactly this type of plant requires minimal care and the large edition Monstera Deliciosa therefore became also known as the blogger plant. You can control its growth by cutting new shoots. These shoots can be put in water or soil and become a new plant that you can give as a gift to your best friend.

In the video guide below, Tea shows you how to create your own cutting:


Most plants can be propagated, and you just must try. The modern Palette Leaf, which is a retro plant, is extremely grateful. Pelargonium and fragrant geraniums are both plants on which there are divided opinions, but nevertheless they are easy to propagate and hold. At the beginning of the summer, all the shops abound in various flowering geraniums, e.g., Queen Ingrid with her delicate pink flower.

These three types of plants are extremely easy to propagate and can stand in the garden all summer or on the balcony. If you are not familiar with the genus fragrance geranium, you should do yourself the favor of seeing them one day, they are available in a myriad of variations and with scents that can lead you to the heat of the south or to a Swedish rose garden.

The picture below shows a Standing Flower Bubble in amber with the flower Lewisia in. It is not a cutting, but still enormously beautiful. You will find the vase her.

stiklinge guide

stingling DIY CUTTING

The characteristic of the mentioned plants is that they are all easily propagated by cuttings:

  • Cut off a nice side shot or top shot
  • Take some leaves off the stem so that it has only a few pieces at the top
  • Next, it came in soil or water. You will have the greatest success with reproduction in the spring.
  • Once the root system has grown, you can give the plant its permanent place in a pot of good potting soil. If there are too many long roots, you can easily cut some of them off before transplanting.

cuttings in glass vase < The picture is from @lisbethbeckmortensen and is a Hanging Flower Bubble 11020 Yellow, can be seen her. p >