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Summer is officially over, and the beautiful burnt colors of autumn are sneaking in gently. We have been to the garden to see which plants can live inside here in September and October.

We love the orange and reddish colors that make the eye zoom in, but the delicate white / yellow plants are worth a look too. In this article, we have found some of our favorites for fall vases.


Pictured from left are: Japanese Lanterns, Star Shade, Montbresia, Sunflower, Chrysanthemum and Red Lamp Grass.


The Japanese lantern has always been part of the Danish autumn range, understandably so, as it proudly makes noise with its beautiful orange lanterns. It is an easy perennial that spreads easily, so if you plant it first in the garden, it will grow large and come back year after year.

The Japanese lanterns are a hit in the eternity bouquet, and when they dry, the lantern itself will form a fine filigree-like net with a little fruit inside. Use it if necessary. in a bouquet with the delicate paper flowers from our new collection Paper Flowers.


Star Shade is a beautiful and elegant perennial that you can easily make bloom from June to the end of September if you continuously cut away the withered flowers.

It is available in many different varieties, and can have flowers in the color’s dark burgundy, dark purple, light purple, pink and white. It is elegant and perfect in a bouquet, where it creates airy fullness.


Montbresia is a late summer and fall classic. This perennial is also available in an incredible number of varieties, but the one we know best has orange-red flowers. It is good in the bouquet, but also extremely elegant alone in a simple Flower Tube vase.


There are not many who do not like a sunflower. These are childhood memories and memories of sun and summer. The sunflower likes to bloom all the way into the late autumn months and is available in many variations. This one in the picture is a mini sunflower that is good as a bouquet flower. Plant a seed with the youngest of the family in the spring and follow the fine sprouting process.


There may be divided opinions about this plant, and we have probably all seen it in various supermarkets. However, the plant is incredibly grateful and reached near perfect as cut flower. Chrysanthemum has a very long shelf life in the vase and is therefore also often seen in the florist's range.

This plant is beautiful in an autumn pot, and with a little luck you can make it survive in the garden over the winter.


Ornamental grasses have gradually become a regular part of the Danish nursery range. The grasses are amazing out in the garden and are easy to keep. We probably all know the sound of grasses in the wind from a summer day by the dunes.

The picture shows a grass species called Red Lamp Polisher Grass, again we have chosen a plant that is good in the large bouquet, but also stands beautifully alone

The grasses do not require water, so they are also perfect for styling with our paperflowers.


Right now, most hydrangeas are in full bloom. Hurry out and pick a single branch, place it in a vase without water, and see how it dries up beautifully and thus can last almost forever.

If you're lucky enough to have a garden, it's high season right now to plan your spring green announcers. This is on our to do in September / October:

  • Put a lot of flower bulbs
  • Moving and Sharing Old Perennials
  • Plant new perennials

The picture shows our new vase - the large floating vase Bubble Tube. It is brilliant for your bouquets this autumn. The vase is available in 4 different variations. See them all here. < / a>