We have been so much looking forward to introducing you to our LINK candle holder - a minimalistic and modular candle holder in delicious metals that lend the candle holder character and a raw aesthetic. As the name suggests, you can style the candle holder yourself - the individual links are easily combined, and there is plenty of opportunity to style the modular candle holder according to your liking. Read more about the LINK candle holder here.
An easy guide to refilling your glass candle. 
Our new vase has finally arrived - a beautiful fusion between the classic Flower Tube and the delicate Standing Bubble. The stained glass vase fits perfectly with a large summery bouquet from the garden.

Glass is beautiful, especially in combination with water, where the light casts beautiful reflections. However, there will always be cleaning associated with glass, water and plants. Here we give you our tips for keeping glass vases from STUDIO ABOUT clean and neat.