Are you just as crazy about filling the vases with flowers from the garden as we are? Here we give you the full guide to one of the garden's most beautiful plants - the dahlia. Read on and get tips for planting, winter hibernation and propagation of the beautiful dahlias.
Summer is officially over, and the beautiful burnt colors of autumn are sneaking in gently. We have been to the garden to see which plants can live indoors here in September and October. Read on and get tips on which flowers and plants you should go for in the autumn's most beautiful bouquets.
Explore nature and pick beautiful edible flowers. You will be amazed at how many flowers are actually edible and can be used in both salads or as a garnish for summer desserts. In this article you can see our suggestion for a summer breakfast that's equally pleasing to palate and eye.
In this guide we will show you how to easily make your basil multiply and last longer by following 5 simple steps. 
Want to learn how to propagate your beautiful plants? In this article, Tea shows you how to make a cutting of your favorite plant and how to increase its survival chances.

When the wind is still freezing and the only warmth outside is found in direct sunlight, we love to use the Flower tube and Bubble tube vases for spring branches. Here you get small tips to extend the life of your spring branches indoors. 

Here you get a small easy guide to how you with an avocado cheese can create your very own avocado plant, which can decorate your home. All you need is: An avocado seed, 3 toothpicks, a vase and some water. Get the guide here.
We love watercress - both to make it, but certainly also to eat it. It is very easy to make and it only takes a few days before you can decorate your egg food with the most beautiful cress. 
If you want to bring the beautiful flower bulbs indoors, the favorite is the classic hyacinth bulb, which will bloom quickly at room temperature. However, there are many different flower bulbs, so try different varieties. Here's a guide to using flower bulbs in vases.