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We're probably not the only ones who love basil in all summer salads. You repeatedly buy the small pot with the fragrant herb, and there is hardly enough for a good tomato salad.

The reason why the purchased basil does not last long is that the battle for nourishment in the pot is too great. There are simply too many small plants in too little space. In this guide we will show you how to easily make it multiply and last longer.



Step 1:

Buy a basil in a pot. Take it out of the pot and remove the worst soil.

Step 2:

Carefully divide the plants apart, they should be separated one by one.

Step 3:

Put your little basil plants in water. After 1 week they will make new roots and be ready for transplanting. Below is a Flower Tube in blue with basil roots, and the vase can be found here. a >


Step 4:

Find a larger pot with good plant soil in it. Soak the soil and leave it for a while.

Plant each small plant at a good distance in the pot and place it in the shade until they have taken hold and recovered after the move.

5-8 plants are plentiful in each pot.

Step 5:

Once the basil has risen, it should be sheltered and in full sun. A windowsill is obvious, otherwise preferably up a warm wall.

There are sometimes up to 20-40 small basil plants in a buy pot, it can turn into 10 new flowerpots with basil, which you can enjoy or take with you as a hostess gift for the summer party.


When it comes to harvesting your basil, it is a good idea to only take the top shoots from the plant. That way, the plant always has a chance to recover and will make new leaf sets where you snag the others.

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