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Looking for unique art for your wall? In this article you get a fun and easy idea for art you can make yourself. Read the article here.

Episode 1. We are used to showing you all our beautiful colored vases, paper flowers, candlesticks and oil candles, but today it is time to give you a look into the engine room and a behind-the-scenes look at Studio About. In this episode of our Advent calendar we tell the story about how and why Studio About was created.
Are you just as crazy about filling the vases with flowers from the garden as we are? Here we give you the full guide to one of the garden's most beautiful plants - the dahlia. Read on and get tips for planting, winter hibernation and propagation of the beautiful dahlias.
We have been so much looking forward to introducing you to our LINK candle holder - a minimalistic and modular candle holder in delicious metals that lend the candle holder character and a raw aesthetic. As the name suggests, you can style the candle holder yourself - the individual links are easily combined, and there is plenty of opportunity to style the modular candle holder according to your liking. Read more about the LINK candle holder here.
Summer is officially over, and the beautiful burnt colors of autumn are sneaking in gently. We have been to the garden to see which plants can live indoors here in September and October. Read on and get tips on which flowers and plants you should go for in the autumn's most beautiful bouquets.
It's great to be a hostess, to experiment in the kitchen and create the perfect atmosphere around friends and family, but it can also be quite hard work. Therefore, a personal hostess gift is always appreciated. Read on and get ideas for homemade and classic hostess gifts with a twist.

Simple and sweet or dramatic and sumptuous? A flower wreath for the hair can be made oversized with lots of volume or kept quite simple in expression. Whatever style you decide upon, that look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used.

Although the flower wreath looks impressive and of course takes some time to make, it is not that difficult at all. Here are some tips to help you get started making your own wreath for your hair. 

Labdecor x Studio About! We are extremely proud to present you with our brand new collaboration with the talented artist Labdecor. She is the designer behind our new paper flowers which are available in 4 models in 8 colors. In this article, we present the woman behind the flowers and the story of how our collaboration came about.

The beautiful handmade paper flowers are popular for a reason - they have endless uses and the best thing is that you can use them again and again. We have gathered some ideas for those of you who want to be creative with paper flowers and have inspiration for different ways to use the flowers.

Explore nature and pick beautiful edible flowers. You will be amazed at how many flowers are actually edible and can be used in both salads or as a garnish for summer desserts. In this article you can see our suggestion for a summer breakfast that's equally pleasing to palate and eye.
In this guide we will show you how to easily make your basil multiply and last longer by following 5 simple steps. 
Want to learn how to propagate your beautiful plants? In this article, Tea shows you how to make a cutting of your favorite plant and how to increase its survival chances.